“It’s time to be defined by a vision of the future,                    rather than the memories of the past.” -Joe Dispenza

Danielle works with conscious leaders and individuals that are inspired to make an impact.

Do you feel called to make a positive impact in your life, the lives of others, or the world? Danielle will explore how source, quantum physics, cutting edge science, meditation, embodiment, and integrative health can help you access your unlimited potential. Danielle’s program will up-level your creativity, clarity, leadership, relationships, health, abundance, inspiration, and pleasure in life.

Are you experiencing?

  • Feeling stuck or stagnant
  • Loss of power or not fully standing in your power
  • Overwhelm and anxiety
  • Challenging relationship dynamics
  • Self criticism or doubt
  • Playing small or pleasing others
  • Resentment, frustration, or bitterness
  • The impact of overriding your body and intuition

Would you like to experience:

  • Freedom to be your true authentic self
  • A quiet mind, regulated body, and internal peace
  • Increased pleasure, passion, inspiration, and creativity
  • Greater ease in relationships and handling conflict
  • Knowing and asserting your boundaries
  • A spiritual connection to your work and vision
  • Balance and self care
  • Greater health and energy
  • Unshakable resilience
  • Unlimited potential
  • Standing in your power
  • Alignment with the impact you want to make in the world

Danielle’s program is an opportunity to make big leaps and achieve a huge ROI (Return On Investment) in a short amount of time. Where you put your time and energy is a direct representation of the results you get. Invest in your unlimited potential and living your dream.


Quantum field theory states that there is no neutral observer, so the person you work with will impact you!

How do you know if the person you are working with can take you to the next level?

It is essential to work with someone who values doing their own work and knows the power of the quantum field so that they can show up for you and see you for who you truly are. It is important that you are seen as whole and not something to be fixed. You want someone who can already see your vision happening, and who will hold unlimited potential for what you want to create and experience in your life. Working with someone who trusts their own unshakable resilience, will help you experience the power you have to face your fears with an open heart.

We Reclaim our power when we access the place inside of us that is not afraid.

We all have parts of ourselves that are “problematic;” parts that get in the way of achieving our goals or being the greatest version of ourselves. Many helping professionals use overt or subtle aggression (even masked as spiritual) as a method and motivator for change. Danielle’s approach teaches you how to compassionately end the war within, experience your innate wisdom, and know internal peace. When we do this we can have a major impact on the world.

Danielle knows that the relationship in which the work is done is essential. Creating safety is the most essential part of all relationships. If there’s no safety, there’s no vulnerability, growth, change, or ability to take risks.

Danielle lives to learn, grow, and evolve! She is always taking the next step to experience her highest potential. She believes we are multidimensional with many systems, seen and unseen, working together and interconnected. She grounds her work in science and has a passion for the intersection between science and spirituality.

Danielle takes on a limited number of clients so that you get her full attention during your work together.


“I worked with Danielle to get to the root of an insidious self-sabotage mechanism that had caused financial and other problems throughout my adult life. Nothing I tried was able to resolve it. Through the sessions and process with Danielle, I discovered how repressed childhood encounters with pedophiles and my parents inability to respond appropriately to what happened had shattered my psyche. That resulted in a complex system of compartmentalized self-protections that enabled me to keep me going in life, some useful, some destructive. Danielle’s demonstrated ability to facilitate a true quantum healing in our sessions was an IFS and Somatic Experiencing masterclass. She helped me through the bulk of the trauma in about three months; it was a very difficult and unpleasant ride, for sure, but I can say I’m a new person now, better aligned to my spirit’s mission and purpose, and able to act from my higher self in ways I was not able to do before. I recommend Danielle’s work to anyone who’s felt stuck in trauma and knows they’re ready to face it and make a big change in their lives.”


 “Before I started working with Danielle, on the outside, I might have looked like I had it all together. On the inside, I was crushed by low self-esteem. Somehow navigating my way through life despite my fear of any emotional turmoil around the next corner, constantly riding a thin line of emotional ups and downs. The way I felt about myself reflected all parts of my life, my boss didn’t value me, I dated people who didn’t value me, And the way I treated myself reflected all of that, because I was bought in. My life revolved around fear, of loosing my job, of loosing my girlfriend,  of failure.

Working with Danielle I was able to discover the place inside myself where true self-esteem and emotional resilience come from. Giving me a tool set that allowed me to set healthy boundaries, control the negative internal dialogue, and have a deeper understanding of emotions. The ups and downs of life went from something I dreaded, to an everyday fact, of which I have all the tools necessary to take on. 

Instead of living in fear, I’m living from a place of openness, which has helped me realize goals in which I once thought were the most lofty. To working for a boss who has bent over backwards to create an ideal work environment for me; to traveling the world full-time; to meeting a wonderful fiance that values me; to owning my own mountain oasis; to being an entrepreneur. I can attest that none of these things would have happened for me had I not been equipped with the mental tool set I built up in my time working with Danielle.

For 15 years I saw a multitude of mental health therapist and PhD psychologists, all unable to offer me what I needed to improve my life. Because they were offering me something external to myself, therapies where the healing came from some external idea, instead of my core authentic self. It was in my first session with Danielle that I knew her process was different. Unlike my experiences with other professionals, I was able to start seeing lasting changes in a short period of time.  It’s been six years since my last session with Danielle and I still think contacting her was the best thing I’ve done in my life, and I recommend her to everyone.”

Mike McGuire

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