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“I worked with Danielle consistently for about 2 or 3 years, and then on and off for another year or so. Danielle made me feel strong in my most vulnerable moments, seen, heard and safe beyond measure. I’ve worked with other practitioners in a similar capacity before, but none come close to the results I’ve received from Danielle.

I was in a toxic relationship during the first few years I worked with Danielle, and she helped me to discover my higher self without making me feel pushed (and feel safe and confident enough to leave that relationship independently).  Later, when I became pregnant (in a new & safe relationship – my marriage) for the first time during COVID, Danielle helped me find my voice and gather my courage with telling my employer I was going to be a stay-at-home mom.

Not only did Danielle give me space and support to access my highest self, she gave me tangible tools to be consistent and make the results last. To this day (8 years later), I still use the tools I learned from Danielle. Danielle helped me create and maintain healthy boundaries in relationships (including the one to myself) and how to choose the life I want with ease.

You will not regret working with Danielle – she has a beautiful and sagacious soul, that shines from the inside out. It’s hard not to recognize your true self around her and feel at peace. Danielle is an authentic leader who also role models what it means to be humble while exuding strength and confidence. I highly recommend working with Danielle in any capacity! Thank you for everything, Danielle!”


“When we heal our trauma, we expand our capacity for joy” – these are Danielle’s words I will forever carry with me. This work changed my life! Prior to meeting Danielle, I had done years of therapy and trying to “fix” myself, but I kept coming back to the same stuck patterns. None of the therapies I had tried acknowledged the different parts of me or brought curiosity to my parts’ desire to help or protect. Danielle welcomed me and all of my parts. It is through this work and her compassionate presence that I learned what it means to connect with Source and Self’s innate resilience. She taught me to hear both the wisdom and the fears of my parts and be able to meet them with confidence, calm,  and clarity. There are no words for the gratitude I have for Danielle and the peace and healing she has helped me to cultivate from within.”


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