Embody Your Power Podcast

Live from your power, resilience, and sovereignty instead of fear, pain, and conditioning


Embody Your Power

In this podcast I’m going to share with you knowledge and tools that I believe should be accessible to everyone. They’re fundamental and essential to being human. 

Embody Your Power is an integrative model that bridges science, spirituality and ancient wisdom to give you the resources needed to live your fullest potential. As a psychotherapist for over 16 years and now as a coach, I help people know, reclaim, and embody their power on all levels. 

It is my mission to help you connect to your unshakable resilience, to know true power and freedom, to be sovereign and to remember your divine nature.

If you’re wanting to learn tools to release layers of conditioning, heal from trauma, feel at home in your body, have inner peace, expand your capacity for joy, connect spiritually, and take a journey with me to embody your power… then this podcast is for you.

Danielle is a heart-centered, brilliant visionary and teacher. The work she does and the way that she presents information is assessable, inspiring, and life-changing. She has a genius for seeing the useful and sacred patterns across modalities and bringing them to people in a way that heals and empowers the individual.

C. K. (Somatic Therapist)

Danielle is a skilled teacher with true heart and dedication — she will meet you exactly where you are personally and professionally, and take you on a journey you never imagined possible and will be tremendously grateful for afterward. Getting to really connect with my core Self so deeply and thoroughly has made my work full of more ease, joy, creativity, healing and profound expansion for both my clients and myself.”

J.B. (Psychotherapist)

Danielle’s training increased my effectiveness as a therapist exponentially. By using the approaches I learned from her, I was able to help my clients obtain powerful and transformative results on a regular basis. Now, clients frequently share feedback with me like ‘I’ve been in therapy for years/decades, and what we are doing works so much better than anything else I’ve tried.’ An excellent teacher and clinician, Danielle is caring, full of integrity, and dedicated to helping her students succeed.

S.S. (Psychotherapist)

When we heal our trauma, we expand our capacity for joy” – these are Danielle’s words I will forever carry with me. There are no words for the gratitude I have for Danielle and the peace and healing she has helped me to cultivate from within.”

S.H. (Psychotherapist)

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